What is a Backflow Protection Assembly?
A device is installed on the customers side of the water meter.  This device is to protect the fresh drinking water from contamination which occurs when the flow of water is reversed from the normal flow cause by either backpressure or backsiphonage.

Do I need a Backflow Protection Assembly?
If you have received a letter from the water department of the county where you are located, you will be instructed whether a Backflow Protection Assembly is required.  The letter should include information of the device the county is requiring and a list of approved installers and testers. 

What if I already have a Backflow Protection Assembly?
The State of Georgia requires a Backflow Protection Assembly to by inspected yearly by a Georgia Certified Backflow Protection Assembly Tester. The tester will submit a copy of the report to the county. 

Alexander Plumbing and Backflow Service is certified to install, repair and test Backflow Prevention Devices in the State of Georgia. Most counties require additional approval, we are approved in the counties and/or cities listed below. 
There are two categories types of Backflow Protection Assemblies:  High Hazard and Low Hazard
Atlanta, Bartow, Carroll, Cartersville, Cobb, Covington, Coweta, Cumming, Dekalb,  East Point,  Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Hall, Gainesville, Gwinnett, Jackson,  LaGrange, Lawrenceville,  Newnan, Rockdale, Roswell, Paulding, 
Villa Rica and Winder. 

Food Service
Bottling Plants
Manufacturing (if not high hazard)
Service stations and garages
Single and multi-storied commercial offices and retail outlet stores
Apartment complexes
Mobile home parks with more than 15 units
Food processing
Printing facilities
Cold Storage
Schools and Churches

Medical Facilities
Car Washes
Plating Facilities
Coating operations
Industrial utilizing hazardous chemical
Battery or Automotive parts manufacturing, cleaning, or fabrication facilities
Oil or Gas production: Storage or transmission properties
Carpet and textile manufacturing
Paper or paper product plants
Veterinary Facilities
Laundry, Dry Cleaning or Dyeing operations

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